The insidious disease: Melanoma

Melanoma is the most common skin cancer within the white population. In summer period it is more than important to talk about skin protection.

Melanoma is usually asymmetric, its edges are uneven, and its colour is non-uniform and multi-tone. Its diameter is usually more than 5 mm and its size is continuously increasing. It is important that we know our current birthmarks and notice the formation of new pigments. If we experience something like this we should definitely seek the opinion of a dermatologist.

Gabor Varga:

The insidious disease: Melanoma

The scientific standpoint on the effects of sunlight has changed a great deal in the last few years. Back then we heard a lot about how damaging sunbathing is and how it can stimulate the development of cancerous diseases. Nowadays we can mostly read that indeed the human body requires sunlight and vitamin D which our bodies produce the easiest way from sunlight.

Yes, this is all true. It is worth sunbathing but only at the right period of day and at the correct rate. Sunlight has been shown to have anticancer effects and quite effective ones. About 10 times as many cancer relating deaths can be avoided with moderate exposure to sunlight that the number of deaths which are caused by sunlight which results in melanoma.

Therefore we advise the strengthening of the immune system during the summer period which can be helped by medicinal mushroom extracts and apigenin. There product are shown to have anti-melanoma effects.

Our experiences and patient testimonials that use medicinal mushroom extracts have shown that apigenin have unbelievable anti-metastases effects. So even with fully developed melanoma apigenin is able to prevent the formation of metastases or even reverse them.

Doctors technically give up on patients with melanoma which form metastases. They get sent home to die or are put into palliative care to ease their pains and suffering.

Thanks to the medicinal mushroom extracts patients live longer and we have more than one patient who has been living with metastases and melanoma for years now.

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These facts are interesting. Most often we hear that if someone sunbathes or goes to the solarium a lot then they can develop melanoma. Alongside this, preventative studies have been warning us against electromagnetic radiation for years.

Technically sunlight is electromagnetic radiation but in a different spectrum at a different frequency. It was in Sweden that the first electromagnetic radiation study showing that electromagnetic radiation could causes cancer was conducted. In Sweden televisions using electromagnetic radiation first became popular in 1955 and at the same time the number of melanoma cases increased. Just imagine a Northern country which before didn't know about melanoma, until they experienced what exactly this disease is. After 1955 the number of melanoma cases in Sweden drastically increased.

It has also been shown that the development of melanoma and breast cancer is significantly more common on the left side of our bodies as we spend more time laying on our right sides thereby reliving the hearts. Electromagnetic radiation travels through our bodies when we sleep and reaches a maximum somewhere around the middle of our body which is where the peak of the electromagnetic wave can be seen. Because of this melanoma most often forms at places that are not in direct sunlight. Women tend to develop it on the hips and thighs whilst men most often develop it on the torso. Sunlight and UV radiation weakens the immune system locally on the skin. This is one of the most common mechanisms for the formation of melanoma

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