Osteoporosis is not only a disease of an older age; there can be many reasons for its development. Early on, there are no symptoms; the first sign can be a broken bone, caused by a minor fall. When it’s in a far-gone state, it can make one’s life significantly harder. Osteoporosis is reduced bone matter; which usually affects the spine, femur, pelvic and wrist bones. It can also cause decreased height or a contiguous stoop, because when the osteoporosis is severe, the vertebras can crack under the body’s weight.

The probability of osteoporosis is determined by the reduction of hormone levels, of testosterone and estrogen. Hormones are very important for healthy bones.


In the case of women, after menopause they are a lot more likely to develop osteoporosis. To prevent it, it is a good choice to start using medicinal mushroom extracts and apigenin, because a big portion of medication can also be responsible for the development of this disease.

The probability of osteoporosis can also be increased by different types of intestine diseases partly because they are treated with steroid therapy; and because these patients have absorption problems. Every fifth man over fifty and every third woman after menopause is diagnosed with osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is a mass disease which does not only affect women since testosterone also has a bone density increasing and maintaining effect which is why it affects men, too.

Osteoporosis is gone almost without a trace Case study
Osteoporosis is gone almost without a trace

"In 2012 it was minus 2.6 SD was in my femoral neck, and in my spine a value of minus 2 SD was measured (SD value denotes the number of platelets). This value was okay since it's considered an...


Women over menopause have to take at least 1200 mg calcium and minimum 400 international units (UI) of vitamin D daily. Women after menopause who are not under hormone therapy and take steroids; and men over the age of 65 should take at least 1500 mg calcium and 800 UIs vitamin D daily. Vitamin D is not only important for healthy bones, but it can also increase muscle strength and protects against some types of tumors. 

Calcium and vitamin D are most effective when taken together and during a meal. Gabor Varga says the following about medicinal mushroom extracts’ effect on bones:


I did not know that medicinal mushrooms have such a significant bone mending effect, because what we are used to is taking vitamin D and calcium. No one said that osteoporosis can be treated for good, until now everyone thought that was impossible. About medicinal mushrooms, the first question always is: what is in them that makes them so effective? I always say that there is some calcium and vitamin D in them, but obviously that’s not what improves the quality of our bones. Medicinal mushroom extracts meddle with metabolism; because bones are constantly resolving and building. If the balance of this process sways, then more bones are resolved than built, and that leads to osteoporosis. Structural weakness can be observed too; so not only there’s less matter in the bones but the quality of the bone structure is also decreased.

According to previous experiences it is common that doctors treat osteoporosis with calcium and vitamin D, but apigenin and medicinal mushroom extracts are able to not only treat, but cure this disease.

They help calcium’s infiltration in the bones and some medicinal mushroom extracts also have vitamin D supplying effects. It is very important that medicinal mushroom extracts are able to meddle with metabolism on the level of stem-cells therefore assisting the rebuilding of the bones.

Health and disease Article
Health and disease

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