Osteoporosis is gone almost without a trace

In case of Eve, a disease which is considered incurable according to doctors, has been reversed with the help of the alternative therapy using medicinal mushrooms.

In 2012 it was minus 2.6 SD was in my femoral neck, and in my spine a value of minus 2 SD was measured (SD value denotes the number of platelets). This value was okay since it's considered an osteoporosis from minus 2.5 SD value. Unfortunately, in my trochlea 2.8 SD has been measured so the rheumatologist concluded that I have osteoporosis.

Did it turn out during a routine examination, or you have already guessed that you might have problems with your bones?

The rheumatologist regularly sent me for osteoporosis examinations. Based on these findings he could clearly tell me what this is all about.

Eve then got very desperate and decided to try to fight against this unpleasant mass disease. She received such hormonal medication that made her very sick so since then she has been taking only vitamins.

When I got sick from the medication, I decided not to take any hormonal medication in the future. I stuck to calcium and vitamin D supplements. At this time, I started taking medicinal mushroom extracts as well since the drug side effects were very annoying and vitamins made my stomach hurt a bit.

Osteoporosis Disease

Osteoporosis is not only a disease of an older age; there can be many reasons for its development. Early on, there are no symptoms; the first sign can be a broken bone, caused by a minor fall....


So you decided to look for a more natural cure instead of medical treatments and vitamins, and started to consume apigenin and medicinal mushroom extracts as a cure...

Yes, exactly.

How long did it take to notice the benefits of medicinal mushroom extracts? When did you experience a positive change in your condition?

In two months my SD value improved by 2 tenths, thanks to medicinal mushroom extracts.

A year has passed, here is the new evidence, what are your experiences?

From the minus 2.8 value and the minus 2.6 value both became my minus 2.0 SD. This is a significant improvement, I was very happy that I joined the road to recovery.

This is sensational result. I believe that you didn't expect even similar good results. What did your doctor say?

The doctors claimed that if osteoporosis has reached a certain value, it can't be reversed, only the stabilization is possible. It didn't happen like this in my case.

With the help of medicinal mushroom products the process reversed, and my doctor lost the faculty of speech. It's almost a miracle, I'm very happy.

The development of osteoporosis was not the only case when Eve turned to medicinal mushroom extracts and apigenin for help. A few years ago she has been applying the cure developed by Gabor Varga for another type of serious illness.

Unfortunately, I've been suffering from autoimmune disease for almost 8 years. I used to take steroids because that time I didn't have another choice. However, I haven't experienced an improvement at all.

Maitake Mushroom and vitamin D Article
Maitake Mushroom and vitamin D

Vitamin D isn’t actually a vitamin but a hormone like material. Vitamin D has a prominent role in the metabolism of calcium as well. 


What symptoms does this disease have?

There weren't any symptoms, the problem occurred only in the blood count. Fortunately, it's been 3 years since I don't take steroids. This is also thanks to medicinal mushrooms.

Eve got a lot of steroids but her condition still hasn't improved. Consequently, an even higher doses was recommended for her.

Two weeks after I started taking the medicinal mushroom extracts I noticed that I feel more and more better, my general condition became wonderful. I didn't care about front or cold or anything. One month after I had a normal number of platelets, from then it hasn't fluctuated at all. It got to the point that blood sampling on a weekly basis became useless, and I went for testing only once in a month. By today, the number of injection treatments has also been reduced, I get only half doses. Encouraged by the results regarding osteoporosis I'm pretty sure that my autoimmune disease can also be healed with medicinal mushroom extracts.

Eve's condition is getting better every day, her osteoporosis is gone almost without a trace. She's been taking medicinal mushroom extracts and apigenin since then for her autoimmune disease, and her evidences show better and better results.

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