Molly’s fight against melanoma

Molly was diagnosed with malignant melanoma. Her recovery is primarily due to medicinal mushroom extracts and apigenin. Let’s get to know her story.


A large brown shape appeared above my scapula which continuously changed and started to grow. By the time I saw a dermatologist and later a surgeon my condition has took a turn for the worst. The brown patch occasionally wept and by this time it looked pretty bad. In 2009 it was removed. My tissue samples showed the melanoma was malignant.

After the diagnosis Molly took part in chemotherapy. Since this treatment is accompanied by numerous unpleasant side effects Molly started to research other alternative complimentary treatments. She looked for those which could be used besides the doctors prescribed drugs and would help her condition as well as improve her general wellbeing and increase her positivity.

Straight after the operation I started searching. I felt I also needed some naturally occurring medicines. This is when I found out about medicinal mushroom extracts and apigenin. I have read a lot about what exactly products containing apigenin are good for and decided that I should definitely give it a go. I started the medicinal mushroom extracts course a month after the chemotherapy. I felt the positive effects straight away. My hair didn't fall out and I felt sick much more rarely. Practically my body weight was completely stable, I didn't lose weight and my general mood improved a great deal as well.

All together I have to say that thanks to the medicinal mushroom extracts I took chemotherapy surprisingly well.

The insidious disease: Melanoma Disease
The insidious disease: Melanoma

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As I know there were metastases as well. Where these tumours did grew?

Yes, unfortunately there were metastasis as well; these grew on my lymph nodes. They were even visible on the first PET CT scan. Mean whilst I was taking medicinal mushroom extracts and by the time for the next PET CT scan a few months later I did not experience any deterioration. This is all thanks to the medicinal mushroom extracts and apigenin.

What effects can medicinal mushrooms have on skin cancers (Melanoma)?

(Gabor Varga) For people with tumours or cancers we normally suggest the use of both medicinal mushrooms and apigenin together as the effects of these products is very significant in the treatment on melanoma. As a primary product, I would definitely recommend apigenin for those fighting with melanoma. This of course can be supplemented by medicinal mushroom extracts and in a way it is advised.

In numerous cases it has been proven that apigenin stops the formation of metastasis. It is also important to mention that cancer sufferers primarily don't die from the initial cancer. In most cases it is the metastases which are fatal for the patience.

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Skin cancer

Skin cancer is the most frequently occurring cancer amongst white people. Amongst the main types of skin cancer, basal cell carcinoma (BCC), squamous skin cell cancer (SCC) and melanoma are also...


In Molly's case, what improvements can be seen if she continues to take the medicinal mushroom extracts? What can she expect?

(Gabor Varga) For a patient with melanoma who has metastasis it is a very outstanding result if their condition does not deteriorate. We do not promise anything to anyone. We don't say in advance what is going to happen if they continue to take medicinal mushroom extracts and apigenin as we cannot for-see the results but the effects are going to be positive. We get surprises all the time as patients’ condition generally improves a great deal. Those with melanoma who take medicinal mushroom extracts and continuously use apigenin look completely different from those co-patience who do not use such products. This is naturally felt by people.

Molly felt it was important to inform her doctor about the supplementary therapy she was using.

I talked to my doctor on the phone when he told me about my promising blood CBC result. Of course he asked whether I was taking any other medications or alternative treatments. I told him how much the medicinal mushroom extracts have helped me during chemotherapy and the positive effects I have been feeling since using apigenin. He blessed me, and even told me to continue with this form of therapy as the most important thing is for me to get better.

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