Medicinal mushroom extracts are especially interesting as they might be the only creature in nature, which can protect the human body from almost all of the pathogens.

The reason for this is none other than the harsh conditions (manure, hollow trees, rotting tree trucks), which medicinal mushroom species grow on. As a result they had to develop materials that would ensure their survival against harmful microorganism and pathogens.

There are very simple facts behind the medicinal mushroom extracts developed by Gabor Varga. But why are they so effective, especially when complimented with apigenin?

Medicinal mushroom extracts

Medicinal mushrooms are located between the animal and plant niche. As a result of this property they are able to transfer their beneficial effect to the human body. With the consumption of medicinal mushroom extracts we are able to increase our bodies defines mechanisms.

These extracts in different doses can be administered in a very targeted manner. Different diseases have different doses and medicinal mushroom extract types so it is worth seeking the advise of an expert in regards the treatment, so we can be clear about what medicinal mushroom is most effective for specific diseases.

Medicinal mushroom have a different effect on each individual patients. Some people are quite sensitive to the active substances in which case half a capsule may be sufficient but some patients may require a longer treatment course and higher doses as much as 16 capsules of medicinal mushroom extract per day. Most often the experts advice the quantity which makes our general mood the best.

Allergy Disease

An allergy is a hypersensitivity of the immune system to one substance in the environment. In some cases, the immune system overreacts when it detects foreign substances called allergens. An...


The most frequent and most common effect of medicinal mushroom extracts is an improved mood which each patient notices almost immediately after consuming the product.

Clinical trials normally are not performed with medicinal mushroom powder but medicinal mushroom extract. These products are standardized with 30 to 40% polysaccharides, so their effect becomes quite exceptional. Medicinal mushroom mixtures normally perform better and therefore they should be used instead, as their effects can cumulate. The discovery of the beneficial effects of medicinal mushroom was found in a natural way. In certain areas where these medicinal mushroom species were consumed as food the population faced far fewer diseases than people living at the other side of the country who did not use this specie for eating purposes. It was already revealed in the 1970s that traditional medicinal mushrooms could regulate the full range of the immune system. This is the opposite to vitamins as in numerous cases it was found the excessive vitamin consumption can lead to a shorter life with the exception of vitamin D and calcium. What is astonishing is that this fact is still not widespread amongst the public.

Molly’s fight against melanoma Case study
Molly’s fight against melanoma

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A lot of medicinal mushroom are known and their qualities are also highly variable. There are definitely some good quality extracts, which can be suggested to all patients and other active ingredients, which can amplify the adaptogen effect of medicinal mushroom extract. Such an active ingredient is apigenin flavonoid. A flavonoid is nothing more than a natural plant pigment that is responsible for the plants’health.

The anti intestinal cancer effects of apigenin have been confirmed in clinical trials but it was also found that it not only inhibit the development of all types of cancers but can also play a huge role in the prevention of the metastases.

Apigenin isn’t just an anti-cancer agent; we can achieve very good results treating eczema and other skin disease symptoms.

Due to apigenin’s adaptogen properties it’s able to control the immune system and enhance the effects of medicinal mushroom extracts. Therefore, it’s definitely worth using medicinal mushroom extract and apigenin simultaneously or to combine them with not only each other but with flavonoids as well which could be used to amplify the effect of medicinal mushroom extracts.