The regulation of the immune system is incredibly important. Primary, we do not need to strengthen it but instead cause it to function correctly as strengthening an improperly functioning immune system can even cause death.

Everyone knows that most often the immune system’s problem reveal themselves if the immune system overreacts a certain pathogen. In such cases, serious, complicated diseases can develop. Because of this, to regulate the immune system we require such active ingredients that are able to evaluate the potential overreaction of the immune system and are also suitable for an under reactive immune system as well. It is perceptible that this is a very delicate and difficult task that vitamins and minerals are unable to do. In such cases, our body requires adaptogen active ingredients.

Maitake Mushroom and vitamin D Article
Maitake Mushroom and vitamin D

Vitamin D isn’t actually a vitamin but a hormone like material. Vitamin D has a prominent role in the metabolism of calcium as well. 


If we were to believe adverts taking synthetically synthesized vitamins and minerals would strengthen our immune system. However, this is not true. It may even lead to mass mortality. In such cases it is clear that the immune system overreacts specific pathogens which it comes across. With medicinal mushroom extracts and apigenin this is not the case.

A widely recognised study, the “Iowa Women’s Health Study” defined the problem with vitamins and minerals really well. Even skeptics and vitamin lovers acknowledge this study around the world. During the study 40,000 people were observed over a 30 year period and every expert and novice alike recognise the validity of the results obtained.

Artificial vitamins

The study states that the unjustified consumption of vitamin-B6, folic acid, iron, magnesium, zinc and copper shorten people’s lives. Moreover, even in the 90’s they knew that beta-carotene has cancer inducing effects for smoking men. The long term unjustified use of minerals can also lead to serious consequences. Of-course if someone is suffering from a specific deficiency then the given vitamin or mineral has to be replaced. If a doctor prescribes such treatments then follow their expertise. If we have muscle cramps then that suggest magnesium deficiency. With iron deficiency then use of iron replacing minerals becomes justifiable just like the use of folic acid for pregnant woman. However, if the use of vitamins or minerals is unjustified and we do not suffer from any deficiencies then these products have been shown to shorten people’s lives. These are not adaptogenic agents and therefore they are not suitable for the regulation of the immune system.

Is it possible to ‘overdose’ on artificial vitamins?

It is evident that we do not know the human body that thoroughly yet as we don't even know why the unjustified consumption of vitamins shorten our lives. It is however strange how powerful the placebo effect can be. Those taking vitamins are therefore expected to experience similar effect as the placebo effect is incredibly effective and those patients taking vitamins should (based on their belief about the products) feel better. This however generally does not occur.

I tend to recommend apigenin and medicinal mushroom extract during the evaluation of the immune system’s problems for immune regulation reasons. 

These, in a sense are not alternatives to vitamins. We should not try to evaluate how much vitamins or minerals these products contain as they only contain traces of these materials. What is much more important is that medicinal mushrooms and apigenin are both able to stimulate the immune system and therefore forces it to function correctly as well as reacting to both an under or over reactive immune system.

Allergy Case study

Eve has been struggling with allergy for 12 years. In the pollen-rich allergic periods communication without tearing, blowing your nose or sneezing causes a severe problem. Although these...


With allergies for example a person’s immune system is over reacting. Apigenin and medicinal mushrooms regularly reduce these actions which is why they use them so often for allergies. They also have a good effect on the stabilisation of the immune system for those suffering from autoimmune disease and the symptoms get reduced after a while.

Immunodeficiency occurs when the body’s immune system does not respond proportionately. In such cases medicinal mushroom extracts could be able to enhance the functioning of the immune system as the active agents recognise the direction of the appropriate response. Vitamins are however absolutely not suitable for such a thing.

Every person’s immune system is in a different state; there aren’t really two cases the same. This is why the use of apigenin and medicinal mushroom extracts may be increasingly important as they don't just one-sidedly strengthen the immune system and they do not have any side effects.